Delegation from Dong-Eui University, South Korea,Visited SXPI for Cooperation-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute


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Delegation from Dong-Eui University, South Korea,Visited SXPI for Cooperation


On June 13, Cha Dong Wook, director of International Cooperation Department and Su Yingmin, director of Foreign Student Management Department from Dong-Eui University, visited SXPI. Mr. Mei Chuangshe, vice president of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute and other top administrators of SXPI welcomed them in the No.2 conference room.

Having watched the Video Feature of SXPI, Mr. Mei Chuangshe gave a further introduction of SXPI from the aspects of historical evolution, development trend, school-running patterns, professional settings and international exchange, etc. He stressed that SXPI has paid special attentions to the international cooperation affairs. So far, prominent achievements have been acquired. Each year, SXPI provides sufficient financial support for the professors and students to have a long or short term exchange to some renowned foreign universities, either for training or academic visit. Through these programs, both the professors and students have benefited a lot and improved themselves better. He said, “SXPI is also wholeheartedly expecting to establish an in-depth and a well-developed cooperative relationship with Dong-Eui University. And we do believe that the meeting today is not only the beginning, but also indicates a long-run cooperation.”

The delegation from Dong-Eui University gave highly praises to all the achievements SXPI has made. Mr. Su Yingmin also showed the Video Feature of Dong-Eui University through campus culture, accommodation facilities, professional features, overseas student management and international communication, etc. He pointed out that both Dong-Eui and SXPI share similarities in many aspects, such as the curriculum provision and education concept. He said, “Dong-Eui has set various scholarships, language training classes and culture experience activities for overseas students so that they can adapt themselves better and get more opportunities when studying in our campus.” He believed that there is a good cooperation opportunity for both sides.

After the normal meeting, Mr. Cha Dong Wook and Su Yingmin also had a special meeting with the students from SXPI who intend to attend the exchange program to Dong-Eui University, which made the students have a better understanding of Dong-Eui through the specific face-to-face communication.

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