Nearly 70 TVET Representatives from 19 Developing Countries Visiting SXPI-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute



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Nearly 70 TVET Representatives from 19 Developing Countries Visiting SXPI


On June 13, nearly 70 TVET representatives from 19 developing countries paid a study visit to SXPI. Some representatives are educational officials, some are TVET institution officials and teachers. They mainly come from developing countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

SXPI president Zhang Xiaoyun, vice president Mei Chuangshe and senior consultant Wang Xiaojiang met the representatives and companied them visit SXPI campus and training facilities.

A welcoming ceremony was held in SXPI academic hall after the campus tour, the state of art facilities made the representatives deep impression.

“This is a great opportunity for SXPI to learn and communicate with TVET institutions in the world, to seek cooperation with you today. I hope today’s communication is the start of working together, to make a beautiful future of international cooperation between us.” Said Zhang Xiaoyun, SXPI president, on the welcoming ceremony. She also said, SXPI will continue the spirit of opening up, promote international cooperation, insist on its unique and particular teaching and education, enhance its internal governance, broaden its cooperation with TVET institutions in the world, especially in the Belt and Road countries.

“I hope today’s visit will expose TVET officials and teachers from developing countries in the real environment of China’s TVET institution, help them to understand, learn the concept and model of China’s TVET, especially China’s tertiary TVET” Said Mr. Zhang Jian, a senior consultant of Ningbo Polytechnic. Mr. Zhang is the head of the representatives groups “I also hope the visit to SXPI will help you to promote the reform of your TVET with what you learn and see in SXPI toady”.

Q & A session was held during the ceremony, the representatives had a great communication with SXPI leaders on the topic of International cooperation, TVET courses and majors, etc.

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