SXPI Awards Scholarships for Students Studying Abroad in Germany and Korea-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute


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SXPI Awards Scholarships for Students Studying Abroad in Germany and Korea


On September 1st, SXPI held a farewell for the students who were ready to go to German and South Korean universities to have further studies. There were mainly five excellent students who came from different schools attending such study-abroad projects, of whom Wang Qing from Civil Engineering School would go to Germany to continue the pursuit of Master’s degree; the other four students, represented by Zhang Bingkun from CNC Engineering School, would go to South Korea to pursue the Bachelor’s degree based on Don-Eui University’s 2+1+2 program.

At the meeting, Mr. Mei Chuangshe, Vice President of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, granted scholarships and delivered his expectations to all the students. He stated, “It is really a treasurable chance to go to the foreign countries to have a further study and each of you was selected after a series of strict procedures. I believe that you all have taken great efforts and your parents have given you firm supports. Therefore, I hope all of you bear gratefulness in mind and treasure such good chances of studying abroad.” Besides, he also stressed the essentiality to follow the regulations of foreign countries and reminded students to protect themselves when going abroad.

As students’ representatives, Wang Qing and Zhang Bingkun delivered their speech respectively. Meanwhile, Wang Qing shared her experiences when preparing for studying abroad in Germany. She said, “During the whole process, I not only improved my English standard but also became more independent and calm.” She also stated, “Although the road to success may be not easy, I will try hard to overcome all these difficulties.” Zhang Bingkun expressed his determination to study hard and sincere gratitude to SXPI for establishing such a wonderful platform.

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