New Students Coming to SXPI-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute


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New Students Coming to SXPI


September can be called the best season of a year. After summer’s heat and haste, the year consolidates itself. It is a month that represents hopes and harvest. Students start their new-term study and prepare for a bright future.

In this special season, over 7200 new students from different places, most from Shaanxi, came to SXPI begin their three years diploma program, which makes the campus much more vigorous and lively. To make the freshmen quickly adapt into the new environment, all the departments of SXPI have prepared well in advance. Student volunteers offer freshmen warm help to make them quickly complete enrollment, accommodation arrangement, physical examination, etc.

The freshmen are full of curiosity and vitality. They are ready to meet the challenges in college and improve themselves better. On the school opening ceremony, Hui Zhaoyang, SXPI Party Secretary, delivered his wish to the new students,“I believe that coming to SXPI is your right choice. In SXPI, what you learn is not only the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical training. SXPI has provided a good platform for all of you. And I believe that with your hard working in SXPI, you will achieve your dream and meet a bright future.”

Now, the students are attending the military training, which is the first essential lesson to become independent in college. After this, they will meet more possibilities in SXPI, either from the social activities, students union or even some study-abroad programs.

On 15th October, there will be 20 International students from Indonesia, Cambodia, and Bangladesh coming to SXPI to study. At that time, students in SXPI will have more opportunities to talk with foreign students and hope all of them can meet the best selves.

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