Delegation from Red River College, Visited SXPI-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute


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Delegation from Red River College, Visited SXPI


On October 15, Aileen Najduch, Executive Director of Red River College, came to visit SXPI and negotiated corresponding Cooperative Projects. Other main administrators including Eddy Lau, Director of International Education Office; Kerri Korabelnikov, Dean of Education School; Joe Carey, Chair of Electrical Engineering Technology; Mark Blackner, Chair of Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing; Bryan Meng, International Project Manager of International Education Office kept accompanied.

SXPI Vice President, Mei Chuangshe, extended the warmest welcome to Director Aileen and her delegations. After watching the Video Feature of SXPI, Mr. Mei Chuangshe gave a further introduction of SXPI, including the historical evolution, professional settings, school-enterprise cooperation mode, international exchange and cooperation, etc. He said, “This is the fourth time that you come to SXPI; I do believe that you have had a comprehensive recognition of SXPI and we share a lot of things in common. Since 2016, we have sent 18 teachers and students to attend the short-term exchange program in Red River College, which has had a good effect between us two sides. And I wish that we can achieve a more profound and professional cooperation with your visit this time.”

Ms. Aileen also extended her sincere gratitude to the warmest welcome of SXPI and gave a brief introduction to Red River College. She said, “Red River College is the largest public applied university in Manitoba, Canada. It bears many similarities with SXPI in professional settings, talent training modes, etc. I believe that the cooperation potential is huge and I’m also expecting a more stable and long-run cooperation between SXPI and Red River College from the aspects of scientific research, teacher and student exchange, etc.”

During the visit, the delegation had a specialized communication on the professional course construction with the Deans in corresponding academies of SXPI, including Mechanical Engineering School, CNC Engineering School and Electrical Engineering School. What’s more, Ms. Kerri had a deep communication on the teaching method with the representative English teachers in SXPI. Meanwhile, they also visited the training facilities and gave high praises to the training equipment and practical-theoretically combination teaching mode.



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