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SXPI Students Show up in Australia for World Conference


At the invitation of the Secretariat of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP), Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute selected two outstanding students to participate in the 2018 WFCP Young Leader Training Camp from October 7thto 12th, who are Wang Jianhua from School of Logistics and Kang Shan from School of Civil Engineering.

The event was mainly held at Box Hill College in Australia. A total of 36 TVET students from Brazil, Chile, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and other countries and regions have participated in it. During the event, together with all the other representatives, Wang Jianhua and Kang Shan participated in the WFCP opening and closing ceremonies. Through a careful listening to the wonderful report of the conference spokesman, they had a new understanding of the relationship between vocational education, artificial intelligence and ecological environment. In the training courses of the camp, they deeply realized the importance of leadership in personal career development and in dealing with various conflicts. Most importantly, they recognized that it is of high necessity to have a global vision to deal with the problems in human society. Meanwhile, by visiting Melbourne BCD, the Eureka building and the Safari zoo, they not only learnt about the history and culture of Melbourne, but also experienced its unique wildlife in person.

The Young Leader Training Camp is an essential part of 2018 WFCP conference. It aims to improve the leadership of students through a deep and comprehensive training lecture as well as an interactive exchange among all the extraordinary TVET students around the world. As the representatives of SXPI and Chinese vocational colleges, Wang Jianhua and Kang Shan presented their great performance in the whole activity. They listened carefully in the training courses of the camp, taking the initiative to interact with foreign students and establishing friendships in a positive way, which showed the world that students in vocational colleges of China are confident, optimistic and positive.

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